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Which groups among

had the greatest relative risk of going missing?

Relative risk is the risk of a member of a given group going missing compared to the average American in that year.



Relative Risk

blackfemaleminor 77,012 7.59
blackmaleminor 63,979 6.14
American Indianfemaleminor 4,089 2.66
whitefemaleminor 104,942 2.43
whitemaleminor 88,109 1.95
American Indianmaleminor 2,816 1.76
blackmaleadult 31,140 1.21
asianfemaleminor 3,107 0.76
blackfemaleadult 20,867 0.72
asianmaleminor 2,342 0.55
American Indianmaleadult 1,805 0.47
whitemaleadult 71,370 0.46
American Indianfemaleadult 1,398 0.36
whitefemaleadult 48,271 0.3
asianmaleadult 3,458 0.27
asianfemaleadult 2,433 0.17

Why aren't Hispanic Americans included?

About the data

The data used in this project comes from the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Missing Person and Unidentified Person Statistics for 2020-22. The 2022 data is available for download here.

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